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How Diabetics Can Participate in National Wellness Month

If you aren’t already aware, August is National Wellness Month, and a wonderful time for people with diabetes to focus on their health. Throughout this month, diabetics around the country are creating plans to build healthy habits, reduce their symptoms, and improve their quality of life. By doing so, they can look forward to a healthier future and reduce the likelihood of developing serious diabetes-related complications such as diabetic eye disease. 

Interested in participating but unsure of where to start? A great way to participate in National Wellness Month is to go over the many different areas of life that may be affecting your health. Are there any physical, mental or spiritual roadblocks that are holding you back? By taking a look at the big picture, diabetics can take a holistic approach and better understand how different parts of their life impact their overall health and diabetes symptoms. 

A common reason why people suffer from lower health and wellness levels is a lack of self-care. The burdens and responsibilities of life sometimes force us to put ourselves on the back burner as we tend to the needs of those around us. Thankfully, National Wellness Month is the perfect time to put the spotlight back on our own needs and recharge as needed. Keep reading for some great tips for diabetics to build healthy habits and take charge of their health!

Establish Diabetes-Friendly Eating Habits 

Healthy, diabetes-friendly food is a cornerstone for any diabetic looking to boost their health and wellness. This August, take some time to review your eating habits and see how beneficial they are to your health. Do the foods you eat help you keep blood sugar levels in control? Are there enough nutrient-dense ingredients being incorporated into your daily meals? Additionally, think about what you may be overindulging in and any bad eating habits you may have fallen into lately. 

Taking note of these things is the first step towards improvement! Once identified, make an effort to eat and drink more consciously and in a way that helps you move towards healthier eating habits. Don’t be afraid to substitute unhealthy snacks with diabetes-friendly foods that are also delicious. Your tastebuds can and will eventually adapt to your choices. 

Find Ways to Unwind 

It’s easy for us to get caught up in the daily grind and forget to take time to unwind. Adult life can undoubtedly be stressful and this can lead us to make unhealthy choices that make us feel better in the short term. To avoid these negative quick fixes, try to re-establish healthy outlets for stress. You can do this by reconnecting with old hobbies that you enjoy or even by establishing new ones. Doing so can boost our overall wellness levels and reduce the cortisol levels that come with too much stress. Although it may not seem as important as other things on your to-do list, taking some time to unwind can be significant in helping us live healthy and happy lives. 

Other Ways to Boost Your Well-Being

In addition to the above suggestions, there are a few more ways in which diabetics can boost their health and well-being. Going on a daily walk is an excellent idea that can help balance blood sugar along with a host of other mental and physical benefits. Diabetics can also benefit from establishing a healthy sleep routine, increasing their water intake, and spending more time in nature. 


In conclusion, there are so many wonderful ways for diabetics to participate in National Wellness Month. Start by reviewing the different aspects of your life and nutritional habits. Look into reconnecting with your favorite hobbies or start exploring new ones that may strike you as interesting. Finally, make an effort to be more active on a regular basis and establish healthy sleeping and hydration habits. By the end of the month, you’ll be well on your way to a higher quality of health and life!