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Great Ways to Avoid Diabetes Complications & Eye Problems 

Great Ways to Avoid Diabetes Complications & Eye Problems 

As people suffering from the disease know, diabetes can bring lots of serious complications and health problems if it isn’t managed carefully. Doing so can take lots of effort, but it is definitely worth it to do so. Taking the time to monitor the disease and minimize its impact on your health can go a long way in preventing long-term damage to the body and even life-threatening complications. 

Although many people aren’t aware, diabetes can cause damage to the eyes and vision. This can happen when blood vessels in the eyes get damaged from high levels of glucose circulating in the blood. If left untreated, eye complications from diabetes can lead to serious problems with vision and may even lead to blindness. 

So what can be done to avoid diabetes complications in the eyes and body? We’ve rounded up some great tips to help you do exactly that. Keep reading to learn more! 

Manage Diabetes with Consistency

Establishing a strong level of consistency in how you manage your diabetes is one of the best things that can be done to prevent serious health complications. This includes regularly monitoring blood sugar levels and listening to the advice your healthcare provider gives. Medications should always be taken as directed and healthy habits should be established as well. 

Consistently eating a healthy diet and partaking in regular physical activity can do wonders for people with diabetes. Although it can be hard to establish these habits at first, over time they will become second nature and lead to many benefits for your mind and body. Living a healthy lifestyle will also help you manage a healthy weight and keep stress and anxiety at lower levels. 

Visit Your Doctor Regularly

People with diabetes need to visit their doctor regularly to monitor their health and identify potential complications that may have developed. Your doctor can be vital in helping screen for medical problems and preventing existing issues from getting worse. Make sure to also visit your dentist and ensure that you aren’t getting any gum infections that may be caused by diabetes. 

Your eye doctor definitely needs to see you regularly if you have diabetes. This way they can identify any potential eye problems that you may not have noticed or have symptoms for. The good news is that many diabetes-related eye problems are treatable or preventable if caught early on. 

Watch the Drinking and Smoking

Maintaining a healthy blood sugar level is important for diabetics looking to avoid health problems and complications. Unfortunately, drinking alcohol can impact blood sugar levels, especially if consumed in isolation from food. It’s important that diabetics limit their alcohol intake for this reason and pair their drinks with food whenever it is consumed. 

Smoking cigarettes is also problematic for diabetics as it can increase the risk of developing diabetes-related health problems. This can include diseases related to the heart, eyes, and even kidneys. Cigarettes can hamper blood flow in the extremities and make it more likely for infections or even amputation to happen in these areas. 


As you can see, there are many great ways to prevent health complications from diabetes. Establishing a consistent pattern of care is the key to long-term success, and helps ensure diabetics are reaping the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. 

Regular doctor visits are also essential in identifying any problems that may be developing and in creating treatment plans to prevent health issues from getting worse. Finally, avoid drinking and smoking as much as possible to reduce your risk of causing further damage to your health.